Basic Training
Above: Steve and Heather in their new clothes. What a job! Free Uniforms. Left: Drill sergeant Sperling actually smiles for the camera.
Left, Left, Left, Right, Your Left. Every day for two months Heather and Steve marched to these simple words. We learned a lot about the Army, the history of our country, and the tradition of the military. But we also learned a lot about ourselves. This page is dedicated to the men and women that braved the tough challenges required during the training cycle. It is also dedicated to the Drill Sergeants that took more time than they had to, preparing us to be United States Soldiers. This page shows that the training was anything but basic ! HOOOOOOAAAAAHH!!!!!!
Left: Pushups were part of our daily routine. Right: Heather's parents were so proud of their baby, they came to visit during family day and graduation.
Basic Training was nine weeks of various events, classes and challenges. These included Victory Tower, First Aid, and the Gas Chamber. Heather and Steve were put into situations they never thought possible. They even fired their first weapon, the M-16 A-2 rifle. Steve was put into the position of squad leader and Heather was an honorary torch lighter at a ceremony following the 15K road march following our Field Training Exercise. We can feel the pride that comes with graduating from basic training.


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Left: Steve marches in front of his squad at graduation. Below: click picture to enlarge graduation ceremony photos.
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