In what ended up being an amazing day, Heather Schmitt distinguished herself as the best of the best, and got to meet a Soldier that has distinguished himself for over 30 years.

September 26th, 2001 will be remembered as a great day for the Schmitt family. Not only did Heather win the Student Company "Soldier of the Month" award, but a visit from the highest enlisted soldier in the United States Army ended up being more than a short morale speech. This page is dedicated to all of the hard work Heather had to go through preparing for the tough competition, and the joy she felt after learning she had gone from an ordinary life in Brandon, FL to the one of the best soldiers at Ft. Meade, MD.

For the "Soldier of the Month" competition, Heather had to face a series of challenges. She spent days studying the basic military knowledge she would need to know. She practiced for hours with her AT-4 AntiTank Weapon and her Military Maps for the Common Task Exercise she would have to perform. She ironed her uniform, passed a record physical fitness test, and kept her grades above 95% all in hopes of increasing her chances of winning.

Heather went before the "Soldier of the Month" Board and was announced the winner. For winning she received 5 promotion points, extra privileges, and free movie tickets. But her day did not end there. For Heather, the memories were just beginning. Later at school she would receive a very special congratulations from Jack Tilley, Sergeant Major of the Army. This is the highest ranking enlisted soldier. Sergeant Major Tilley, (pictured right) presented Heather with a special Sergeant Major coin that he personally designed.