Student Company
After basic training, every soldier moves on to their next assignment. This is called Advanced Individual Training, or AIT. Here they learn the specific skills necessary to acheive success in their Army career. There are over 200 different jobs in the Army and every one has an AIT class. Heather and Steve are completing their AIT at Ft. Meade in Maryland. Here they are with U. S. Army Student Company and attend the Defense Information School. They are learning to report news, talk on the radio, and write and produce spot advertisements for the Army. Heather and Steve are 46 Romeos, otherwise known as Broadcast Journalists.
Left: Steve and Heather in their Class B uniforms. Right: PV1&1/2 Kelly Davis is excited to be at Student Company.
Radio Guys
Jayme Voss
Get to Work
The Marines
Above: click images to enlarge. Left: Drill Sgt Perez's new daughter Frenchy.
We had alot of fun hanging out with the soldiers in student company. It was a little like college all over again. We played games, went to movies and did the normal things that Army students do. Everyone made our time at Student Co. special. Thank you.
1st Squad
Steve in School
Above Right: PVT Etley is ready for inspection. Left: Heather begins her radio show. Right: Heather with the Commander and 1st Sergeant.
Left: Senior Drill Sgt. Blackmon. Right: Radio class at Field Training.