Our Wedding Ceremony was one of the most unique that I have ever seen. It was perfect. A singing mother, a praying father, and two funny pastors made this experience definitely worth all of the planning. Here are some pictures of the best wedding ceremony ever.
The Bride
Tears of Joy
Here Comes
Mom Sings
Dad Prays
Carol & Bobby
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One thing that made our wedding special was everybody's involvement. This included our family...
...our incredibly talented friends...
Cassie & Cessie
Scott Reads
Shana & Bill
Donna Reads
Leila & Laura Lee
Our Pastors
In Action
...and our favorite pastors! It was the best and I will never be able to forget all the people that made the day awesome!
Finally, all of the planning and all of the nerves were put away as the ceremony progressed. The pastors told their stories as our family and friends looked on. (Many in a state of disbelief.) We did it. Heather and I were married. Below are some pictures of elements of the ceremony that Heather and I were actually involved in.
Church View
The Vows
Ring Exchange
Unity Candle
Kiss the Bride
Mr&Mrs Schmitt

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