Ask anyone that attended our reception, and immediately you will know that it was something special. Perfectly planned from the entrance to the exit, no one could believe their eyes when the music started playing, the fog started rolling, and the doors opened to reveal the Bride and Groom making an entrance that no one will ever forget!
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First Dance
Steve Sings
Kids Enter
Limo Entrance #1
Limo Entrance #2
Entrance #3
Limo Entrance #4
As with the ceremony, our friends were involved in the reception as well. Once again thanks to everyone that played a part in the memorable time that we all had.
Bridal Table
Bridal Table 2
BCM Singers
Scott's Toast
Ron Prays
Diana's Toast
There was something for everyone and surprises galore. We laughed, we danced, we ate and we had the time of our lives.
Father's Dance
Mother's Dance
Chicken Dance
Cake Cutting
Cake Eating
Four flavors of delicious cake added to the festivities. Yummy!
Being there amidst all of our friends and family reminded us how lucky were are to have memories to share. I thank all of you that helped make these images more enjoyable.
Bouquet Toss
Get the Garter
Tricked Ya!
Thank you for coming and viewing our memories of the best day that we, together, have ever had.
Heather and Steve leave the reception ready to start their new life together.