There is no place like home, and there is nothing like sharing in the greatest day of your life with family. Here is a page dedicated to all those in Steve's family who traveled near and far to spend the big day with Heather and I. We will never forget any of you.
Steve's family
Heather & Mom
In Memory
In Memory
The Schmitt Clan
Mom Sings
Our Parents
Scott & Diana
Steve with Mom and Dad
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The Newest Schmitt
Mom and Dad
Friend Kids
The Schmitt family has a proud tradition of being together for big events. And I am glad that my wedding was no exception. Here are some more pics of that great day.
Mom's Dance
Scott's Toast
Proud Parents
Steve's Family
Left: Steve and Christy dance the night away at the reception. Right: Heather and Steve begin the ride of their life.